M.A. Ebertin, Consulting
Bus. Tel: 408-835-8012
e-mail: Click to email me

Services provided:

Illustrated Manuals


Beta testing


  • 20+ years of Engineering, Operations and Documentation experience is applied to all tasks along with 10+ years of directing system/software developments.  Contact me via e-mail (preferred) or phone for evaluations and quotations on your projects.
  • The selected examples illustrate the level of details included in  manuals.   All Graphics are crystal-clear (no distortion of text) and are ready for incorporation into ROBOHELP for the generation of ON-LINE HELP systems (windows based or WEB based).
  • As part of the service,  Beta testing is done with detailed documentation of any anomaly found along with suggested fixes.

For additional background information please view my resume. 

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